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Do you want to understand modern Russian history like an expert with minimum time and effort invested? Our custom-designed course taught by Didara Nurmanova, Ph.D., a leading expert on Russia and post-Soviet Eurasia, will transform you into a Russia expert in just a few weeks. The online course on the history of Russia in the 20th century covers the core aspects of Russia’s politics, economy, and society to provide you with a critical and wholesome understanding of Russia. In this course, you will learn how Russia lost an empire, built another one, and lost it again; all in less than 100 years.
Our innovative methodology based on the cognitive science of learning, captivating stories, and rich visuals will provide you with a fully immersive learning experience. You will receive free personalized and unlimited support for all your course questions.
You don’t need years of research and training to understand Russia. We've done all that work for you and created fun, jargon-free, and digestible video lessons so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the episodes from the course!

You'll be able to

  • Show off your expertise

    Interpret and explain current (Russia-related) events at a professional level

  • Stay ahead of the curve

    Gain a profound understanding of how we ended up in the world that we live in today and where the world is headed

  • Propel your career

    a) US government, its agencies, and intelligence services experience a chronic shortage of Russia analysts.
    b) Investment banks, hedge funds, and financial institutions also have a growing demand for coverage of political and macroeconomic risks related to Russia.
    c) We also see a growing demand for Russia experts in the art and video game development industries.

What you will get

  • 20 episodes (video lessons)

  • Self-paced learning and access to 9 hours of learning content

  • Personalized and unlimited email support for all your course questions

  • Innovative methodology based on the cognitive science of learning

  • Stories and visuals that provide an immersive learning experience

  • Jargon-free, effortless, and engaging learning

  • Exclusive author content based on years of research, analysis, and teaching on Russia as well as her personal life experiences in the Soviet Union and the post-Soviet space

  • High-quality and mobile-friendly videos (iPhone/iPad/Android)

Why is this course effective?

Our video lessons are filled with visuals and captivating stories that give you a full immersion into 20th century Russia. That’s because we designed the course to feel like your favorite Netflix show. There’s drama, suspense, love stories, betrayal, and murder. You literally get to know czar Nikolai II, Rasputin, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Gorbachev, and others on a personal level, which allows you to understand not only what happened but why it happened. Because it’s the why that separates an expert from the people who just happened to memorize some events and dates. And that’s exactly what allows you to be transformed into an expert by the time you complete the course.
We also explain everything in plain language that is accessible to everyone including your grandma. So, all you have to do is get some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy.


“The course is beyond fantastic! I went from an amateur to a confident Russia connoisseur in just a couple of weeks. Although they recommend that you watch 2-3 episodes/week, I couldn’t wait to complete the course. It’s one of the few online courses that I actually completed after purchasing. ”

Olivia K.

“Worth every penny! This fast-track course allowed me to skip years of reading and research. Everything is so brilliantly structured and communicated that it makes Russia a no-brainer. Great visuals too.”

Adrian D.

“As a journalist covering Europe and the post-Soviet states, I highly recommend it to anyone interested in deciphering Russia. The course has truly transformed my vision of the country and and its place in the world.”

John S.

Course curriculum

    1. Episode 1. Bloody Sunday: Self-Proclaimed Messiah

    1. Episode 2. First Russian Revolution: Who Killed the Priest?

    1. Episode 3. Sunset of monarchy: Prince, Mystic, and Enchanted Queen

    1. Episode 4. Sunset of monarchy: Prophecy

    1. Episode 5. February Revolution: Bang, Game Over

    1. Episode 6. Road to October: Betrayal

About this course

  • $489.00
  • 20 lessons
  • 9.5 hours of video content

About the Instructor

Dr. Didara Nurmanova

Dr. Didara Nurmanova is a political scientist with regional expertise in Russia and Post-Soviet Eurasia. Didara has taught the course Government and Politics of Russia (CPO 4643) at the University of Central Florida (UCF).

Didara’s work on the political psychology of Vladimir Putin has been published in Operational Code Analysis and Foreign Policy Roles: Crossing Simon’s Bridge (New York: Routledge 2021). Her other works have been presented at the American Political Science Association, the International Studies Association, the Midwest Political Science Association, and the International Political Science Association.

Didara is passionate about creating engaging courses using her innovative methodology, which focuses on effective shortcuts in learning. The methodology allows the course-takers to learn about the topic in fun, effortless, and creative ways.

In addition to her doctoral degree in politics, Didara holds a Master's in International Affairs from Columbia University. She also has a decade-long experience teaching politics and economics to college students. Didara is a native of Kazakhstan. She was born and raised in the Soviet Union.

Testimonials from the University of Central Florida (UCF)

Didara's Teaching Effectiveness

Official student evaluations of Didara’s face-to-face course Government and Politics of Russia (CPO 4643) at the University of Central Florida (UCF):

“The course was very interesting and covers a lot of information in great detail. While there was a large amount of information it was all straightforward and the instructor made the information manageable to learn. I liked how unbiased the instructor was and how she was able to make the connections between the governments and politics in the US and Russia. The instructor’s in class discussions did a great job at making sure students gained an understanding of topics and held them accountable for doing their readings outside of class. Overall I had a great semester and enjoyed the class and would highly recommend Didara Nurmanova.”

“Overall, she was a fantastic teacher and I think that she will make a wonderful professor. I think that her grading expectations were very clear, and that she was very reasonable. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated that she did not have us write papers and instead had us write essays in the tests – so nice especially in political science! I also really enjoyed her discussion days. I think the extra material she provided was so helpful and I loved to watch and discuss the videos.”

“The class was very interesting and easy to understand. Instructor was super nice and personable and there wasn’t much of a barrier in talking with her in class or in office hours.”

“The professor was extremely knowledgeable on the topic and quick to answer any student questions. The textbook was very informative.”

“The class was very clear cut, discussions were nice.”

“I liked the use of outside sources for teaching, sometimes a textbook can be a bit boring… We had plenty of stimulating and informative videos and articles.”

Pricing options

Pricing details

  • Basic

    6-month course access Certificate of completion
    Personalized support

  • Pro

    12-month access
    Certificate of completion
    Personalized support
    2 one-on-one coaching sessions

  • Premium

    18-month access
    Certificate of completion
    Personalized support
    3 one-on-one coaching sessions

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